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Are Hank and Charlie the Ho’s? 

Are Hank and Charlie the Ho’s? 

(via luckypeach)

It’s officially the end of summer when the CNE comes to town. Luckily that means it’s also the season of too much sun, junk food and carnival rides that may or may not be safe! I can’t wait to go this year and indulge in some of my favourite CNE activities: 

  • counting the number of foods on-a-stick (last year it was 53 - even spaghetti, I swear to God)
  • enjoying THE BEST FUDGE EVER, don’t be fooled by that kiosk in the Food Building, head over to the Arts and Crafts pavilion for the really good stuff 
  • breaking my brother’s kids by “accidentally” letting them lick all the sugar out of the Tiny Tom Donut bag (Bad Aunty! Bad!)
  • generally indulging in every silly gimmick and hustle thrown my way by carnies, hucksters, and over-caffeinated teenagers

So super excited to go this week and share the fun with my nieces, and I’ve promised to only let them eat broccoli and kale (fingers crossed of course!) 

Last weekend an amazing and lovely friend of mine opened her (new) doors to us for a rockin’ house warming party. I whipped up a few apps for late night snacking. 

Oh my god I totally forgot how much I loved the Swedish Chef as a kid. Quite possibly the origin of my chef fetish too - who wouldn’t love a guy who makes you laugh, cooks great food, I mean c’mon! 

ps - bork!bork!bork! 

If you like Beau’s and stout, and haven’t OD’d on St. Patty’s day by Monday night (which, after all IS St. Patty’s Day, aka Rookie Day aka generally avoid going out unless you want to be puked on day) there is one more chance for you to make some bad decisions and have too many pints in the name of a hallowed Irish Saint. 

Join a whack of industry crew and Ivy Knight et al as they celebrate green beer with Beau’s  and Rodney Dangerfood. This being an 86’d event there are free drinks and snacks as a thank you to all the poor, suffering sods who had to deal with you drunken lot over the weekend. 

Good luck, and remember that you have to work at 9am tomorrow - try not to have TOOOO many pints if you can?