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Have you met the Man in the Moon’s cousin, the Man in the Beer? He’s a super nice guy, great head on his shoulders, always hopping around! 

What’s the best way to spend a Sunday? Brunch with the in-laws? Laundry and re-runs? No!

Sunshine + Brewery Tour + Patio + Beer = best day ever!
You’ll need to start with 1 Brewery tour, preferably hosted by the awesome group Barley’s Angels. Our tour guide Sarah was great, but nothing compares to hearing from Brewster Erica Graholm how each batch comes together and getting a sneak peak behind the scenes.  She even brought us a pitcher of the unfiltered beer to try – slightly cloudy and more fragrant it’s too bad you can’t buy it from their store. Yummy!

BTW – this is the staff patio – what a perk!

 As you can imagine, after that breakfast educational tour my plans for being productive went out the window. Heading over to Against the Grain Tavern seemed to be the only logical way to spend the rest of the day. Clearly they had the same thought because it was $3 Ceasar time! Unfortunately this lead to my last sunburn of the summer – my neck is now the colour of fried baloney (gross!) and I have a wicked farmer’s tan. Oh well, only one thing to do – find another patio next Sunday to even it out! 

Happy Back-to-school everyone! I may (or may not) have celebrated this milestone in the following ways: 

- shaking my fist at the University of Toronto Frosh who are “making all that noise over there” on their first official night of freedom

- doing some “writing” at a pub, then running into a friend and staying out too late…

- then scarfing back a giant slice of pizza to stave of any hangover action from the pints I just drank (see photo above as evidence) 

- spent the last 5 days lamenting the end of summer and commenting “I can’t believe it’s September!” in the most repetitive, annoying manner possible 

Happy Fall 2014! 

Bet you never thought about this when you crushed that can on your forehead!

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What happens to your beer can after you recycle it? Here’s What Happens To Your Beer Can After You Recycle It

Surprisingly interesting step-by-step breakdown!

Are Hank and Charlie the Ho’s? 

Are Hank and Charlie the Ho’s? 

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